2021 Mongolian 1000 Togrog - MYSTIC WOLF 2oz Silver Coin, BLACK PROOF

2021 Mongolian 1000 Togrog - MYSTIC WOLF 2oz Silver Coin, BLACK PROOF

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with Windowed Display Box and Certificate of Authenticity 

2nd Coin in the Instantly Sold Out Series, 

With the Majestic Eagle CIT launched its enhanced smartminting® technology at the WMF 2020 in Berlin. It was an instant success. Now it is time to reveal the successor – the Mystic Wolf.  This Series is produced in 1,2, and 3oz sizes, with the 2oz size the only one struck as a Black Proof to show off the great detail.

Mongolia has a large wolf population that numbers around 30,000. Mongolia’s sweeping landscapes and wide-open valleys are a perfect hunting environment for a wolf pack as they can cover great distances when hunting for food and can reach speeds of 85 km/h. Wolves on one hand can be graceful and peaceful looking animals while on the other hand they can be ferocious killers that inspire fear with their snarling teeth. These two sides of the wolf are captured perfectly on these stunning coins.

The reverse shows a front facing view and a side profile of a wolf in its calm state. The side profile view is struck in ultra high relief with an incredible amount of detail given to the fur and facial features. The smartminting® relief extends all the way to the edge of the coin! You can tell the wolf is looking off in the distance scanning the landscape. The front facing view of the wolf is expertly struck so that it appears like the wolf is a ghosted image in the background. Razor fine detail and relief combine together to create this effect.

The obverse is awe-inspiring and shows the snarling mouth of the wolf. You can almost feel the impending attack! His teeth are struck in ultra high relief and the spaces between are inset into the surface which provides an amazing contrast. The tilted effigy is shown where the wolf’s nose is and provides yet even another layer of ultra high relief. The background has a unique geometric pattern with the hidden “2021” date struck into the design.

Country Mongolia
Year 2021
Face Value 1000 Togrog
Metal Silver .999
Weight 2 oz
Size 38.61 mm
Quality Black Proof
Mintage 999
Technique smartminting® (Ultra High Relief)