2013 $5 Cook Islands - ALBRECHT DURER RHINO

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20 Gram 925 Silver Coin

with Etched Inlay

 with Certificate of Authenticity

The German artist Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) was a great painter, but also an important engraver. One of his most famous works is the “Rhinoceros“ woodcut. Dürer used an Indian rhinoceros, which the Portuguese King Manuel I. received in 1515 as a gift from India, as his subject. This living Rhino caused a tremendous stir in the Court of Lisbon and far beyond. The exotic animal’s description, along with a rough sketch, reached Nuremberg by mail, and there it inspired Albrecht Dürer for his work – it should be noted that he had never seen such an animal himself.


Country: Cook Islands
Year: 2013
Face value: 5 Dollars
Metal: Silver 925/1000
Weight (g): 20
Diameter (mm): 38.61
Quality: Proof
Mintage (pcs): 2.500
Certificate COA: Yes
Box: No